Full Machine

Everyone here has the same goal: to increase their physical fitness and become healthier. However, we have our own way of reaching those goals. With our full machines, you can complete the workout you want with your unique routines. Glory Gains Gym intends to be the place you look forward to visiting to help you look and feel your best as you work to bring out your full potential.

Squat Racks

Build even more muscle with the squat racks at Glory Gains Gym. We have four half-rack power racks to help you build strength and stability safely. Feel free to increase the weight on your barbell squats or other strengthening exercises. Everyone can use a little help with their workout, and the support pillars and safety catches give you more confidence to push the limits.

Free Weight

Build your personalized routine with free weights at Glory Gains Gym. We offer a wide range of quality Troy urethane dumbbells from 5 lbs. up to 120 lbs. Choose the weight and reps that achieve your desired results and move up when you’re ready. We also have kettlebells from 5 to 75 lbs. We know that working out looks different for everyone, and we provide what you need to reach your goals at your own pace while having fun.


Build your endurance, increase strength, and reach all your fitness goals with the multitude of cardio machines available at Glory Gains Gym. Put on some music and go for a long run on one of our six treadmills or free run treadmills. Add a challenge to your workout with our stair masters or assault bikes. Other options include the elliptical, rower, and skier to tone specific areas or mix things up for extra fun.


Glory Gains Gym celebrates the uniqueness that is you. We know you have your own ideas about fitness and a unique approach to reaching your goals. That’s why we provide a wide variety of accessories that enhance your workout. From bands to weight belts and more, we’re here to help you succeed and make the gym fun with routines that don’t get boring.


Discover a fun way to work out and get in shape with the Turf, equipped with two Prowler sleds and two Reverse sleds. Enhance your strength and speed with your choice of sleds. The Prowler is perfect for an intense push-and-pull workout, while the Reverse sled improves stability and balance as you increase strength. Glory Gains Gym and the Turf will help you unlock your full potential